The Door Campaign

Youth Curriculum

Youth Curriculum


The Door Campaign offers middle and high school students hands-on experience in aquaponics, which fuses raising fish (aquaculture) with growing plants free of soil (hydroponics).

Beginning in 2014, The Door Campaign has partnered with Pittsburgh Perry Traditional Academy in providing students the opportunity to measure the pH levels in fish tanks, monitoring the growth of fish and plants, and observing firsthand the flow of energy within an ecosystem. water levels and monitor the growth of fish and plants. The up-close exposure to the symbiotic relationship between plants and fish has exposed dozens of Perry students to ecology, biology, and sustainability.

Since 2014, the Door Campaign has seen its lesson plans incorporated in dozens of classrooms, directly reaching several hundred students across the Pittsburgh region. Beginning in 2017, the Door Campaign will be extending its reach to an additional 15 classes.

Along with reaching students directly, the Door Campaign has shared its STEAM-focused curriculum with a number of area schools, including the Environmental Charter School, Manchester Academic Charter School, Woodland Hills High Schools, and several Propel charter schools, providing teachers with readymade lesson plans to engage student interest.

The curriculum is designed to expose students to the benefits and opportunities of STEAM learning, and integrates collaboration and community engagement. It meets Pennsylvania’s Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science standards, and Biology Keystone Assessment Anchors.