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Mobile Demo

Mobile Demo

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The Door Campaign seeks to promote an awareness of sustainability, food security, and healthy eating throughout the community.

We are excited to partner with design professionals at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to develop a new iteration of our mobile demo program: an aquaponics popup exhibit. Our goal is to create an educationally impactful, accessible, and innovative aquaponics demonstration designed for installation at schools, museums, and community centers.

It will be dynamic, allowing onlookers to engage with all 5 senses. Participants will...

  • See the glow of custom high-efficiency LED lights which supporting the growth of plants above the dim depths of a fish tank habitat

  • Touch the components of an aquaponics system: grow stones, seeds and plant sprouts

  • Hear the sound of water flowing, transporting nutrient-rich water from from fish to plants and back again

  • Smell the scents of basil, mint, and other culinary and medicinal herbs grown in the aquaponics popup

  • Taste samples of lettuce, kale, basil, mint, and other fresh harvests

It will be engaging, inviting individuals to apply and build their knowledge. Participants will...

  • Observe the life cycle of fish growing within the aquarium

  • Collect water samples to monitor aquatic chemistry

  • Calculate the rate of water flow throughout the system

In 2016 during an earlier iteration of our mobile demo project, TDC partnered with The Aquaponics Project (now Ecotone Renewables) to develop a shipping container aquaponics system which was displayed at Gateway Center and various neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh.

Our mobile aquaponics demonstrations illustrate the viability of aquaponics to community members, and highlight the remarkable benefits of harnessing technology that requires less water, space, and energy. Our aquaponics systems also serves as instant conversation-starter around pressing community topics like sustainability, food security, and healthy eating.